Importance of Feasibility Study

  1. A thoroughly executed feasibility study helps the Business in attaining a broad picture as well as a detailed analysis of the profitability of its future business.
  2. Gain knowledge about the project before investing budget, time or other resources into it. Sometimes, the scope of the project may be drastically changed.
  3. The feasibility study ensures that all determinations are made prior to jumping into the business and learning about the shortcomings later. Various alternatives of the conduct of business are generated and the most optimum one is adopted.
  4. This study provides invaluable detail and a scrutinized analysis of the entire business scenario.
  5. It enhances the success rate as numerous parameters are evaluated.
  6. It is also an excellent source of provision of information to the future investors of the business. They can receive a complete snapshot of the various factors related to the venture.
  7. This study helps ensure smooth running of the business and paves way for effective operations.
  8. It enables the organization to focus on both short and long term goals. The significance of this document can never be underestimated as the success or failure of the business is dependent on it.
  9. A proper feasibility study clearly identifies the target audience along with their purchasing power.
  10. The right marketing strategy to thrive in the Business can also be uncovered with a feasibility study.



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