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3 min readJan 20, 2022

After years of looking for means to Finance her Business, Jumoke discovered a lasting solution that eventually took her to the limelight when she reached out to Emmanuel, the Business Lead at Emmviron and panicked about a deadline Presentation pitch she needed to do. She had to be sincere; she has not done a Business Plan before and doesn’t have a Pitch Deck. Emmanuel considered her and we helped structure her Business Plan and Pitch Deck that won her a million naira grant within the short duration.

Jumoke is just like every other Business owners and Entrepreneurs full of ideas but are battling with raising funds to Finance their idea. Although her Business was going on fine, she was hungry for more and needed something more to push her towards her goal.

Jumoke saw an opportunity and decided to make judicious use of it. She formerly believed that she’s full of ideas and can do it all alone. The truth of the matter is that lot of Entrepreneurs are full with ideas but the fun fact is that “it’s where your own idea stop that’s where other people started”

The touch of a Professional Consultant is second to none and will definitely make a huge difference than individual idea. Jumoke can never forget the day she came across Emmviron on social media, she went through our page like every other person do and one direct message to Emmviron change her story for life.

She took a bold step many other Business owners are scared to take because of the fear of failing again. The touch of Professionalism we give at Emmviron is all what you need to win that grant, attract Investors and get that loan to Finance your Business.

The year 2022 just started and I am sure you already draft out your expectations and your goals for your Business to excel. Are you ready to take that bold step to make all those expectations come to pass? Remember if Jumoke is scared of trying again, she won’t send us that direct message that changes her story.

At Emmviron we are time bound and we produce excellent results alongside being Professional at all our dealing. We care about your well-being and the success of your business and we will be glad to structure your business plan for you at a 50% discount.

Why don’t you join our movement and develop a complete business package to win investors, grants and loans. This might be your opportunity to fulfill your dream. This message is beyond just reading and not taking a step. This is not what you need but what you want to make your Business journey in 2022 a successful one.

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Lastly, you can also join our business accelerator program, a platform where we orient Business Owners and Leaders on how to scale their business really big in the industry. The training fee comes at a subsidized amount of #25,000, kindly click here to know more about the program.



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